Gurmeet Singh (Head - Business Planning, Vice President), Hitachi India
Considering that last year has proved an unusually good year for the industry in comparison to the last five years, what shall be the growth drivers for this year, according to you? And how much increase in demand do you expect (across categories) as compared to last year?
This year the market is looking more aggressive than last year. Therefore, the industry would grow by 30-40% as compared to last year. The industry is progressing from a luxury product image to a diversified market due to changes in lifestyle and rapid economic growth. Early summer, low penetration rates and increasing disposable incomes will assist in good industry growth.

Like many players in your segmnet, has Hitachi India also scaled up its production levels in order to meet the resurgence of demand? How much investment have you made in this regard?
Last year, we had inaugurated our third plant in Kadi (Gujrat). The new facility is spread on a plot of 85000 Sq. Mtr. with approximately 35000 sq. mtrs. of Industrial shed, built in a record time of only 7 ½ months. The total investment amounted to approximately Rs.50 crores. The plant is state of the art and equipped with advanced machinery and testing labs. With its new plant, the production capacity will increase to 4.0 lakh units per annum.

Are you making any new changes in your marketing strategies for this summer as compared to last year? What marketing budgets have you earmarked for this year and what shall be the major areas of your marketing spends?
We have increased our marketing spends to 35% over the last year. Hitachi keeps on innovating and introducing the best in class products to the Indian market every year with new advertising campaigns. This year, we have introduced another innovation - Direct Efficient Technology in all air-conditioners, which makes them sensible & intelligent and provides high energy efficiency, efficient & silent cooling and consistent comfort. We have introduced new range of split AC - i-TEC (Tr. 1.5) based on DC inverter technology and ACE Followme (Tr. 0.9, 1.2, 1.5 & 2.0).

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