They have seen many seasons, and have done better with every passing one, anticipating for the best to come someday...

From bringing in ‘Hamara Bajaj’ to life to adding opulence in the Happydent White film to creating the human chain for Himani Fast Relief, Equinox Film has done it all. Having been in existence for about 25 years, and after leaving their mark throughout these decades, they are still modest in adding that their best is yet to come, despite critics calling them a wholesale outfit.

Like their ad films, the journey of Equinox Film is also quite interesting. It all started in 1983, when Sumantra Ghosal got into a production outfit belonging to one of his friends. Soon, Sumantra became a partner only to see his friend moving out to pursue other interests. But little did Sumantra know that history would repeat itself in form of Ram Madhvani, who joined Equinox Film as a trainee. And as the fate would have it, Madhvani soon accepted his offer to become a partner in the firm. Since then, the duo along with Manoj Shroff, (now the Producer of Equinox Film) is leading this production house from the front and producing one great ad film after another. “There is no other production house that I can think of that has been in the business for so long and has constantly reinvented itself,” exclaims Madhvani.

So how have things changed over time? Madhvani answers chuckling, “A good script and a good idea were what counted then and it’s the same even today. Not just the basics, but work ethics too are more or less the same.” Believable? We didn’t need to go far on that count. Shroff does not agree with him as he states, “Things have changed. With time a director matures, a production house gets more experience and the level of work they do goes up. That’s what has happened to us as well.”

The testimonials of their recent great doings (or undoings) are the popular ad films of Hippo Chips and LMN. They have generated quite a buzz in the industry in a very short span of time. But Shroff feels that their most challenging work was the film for Himani Fast Relief. It was really tough to manage as many as 130-180 people on the sets. These people were required for one particular ad scene and after managing that raucous bunch, Shroff believes that he is not afraid of doing anything else.

Nevertheless, both Shroff and Madhvani are confident that in the future the production house will be known for its quality and not just as a wholesale outfit!

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