While The Government has for long Relied on using on-Ground Intervention Exercises To Persuade People to Improve Their Wellbeing, of late the use of commercial Media to Publicise a Social Message has also come in Vogue. Mirroring that intent, even India inc. Has Jumped into The Fray Of Social Advertising, Albeit With a Commercial Intent. 4Ps B&M analyses The Year 2010 Social AD trends.

The ‘Socialists’ inc

Ever since Theodre Levitt wrote Marketing Myopia in 1960, marketing has undergone a paradigm shift. And to the extreme. An increasing number of firms in the 2005-10 period went insane, attempting to market a social cause than the product itself. Print, as evidenced, benefited the maximum in terms of growth but TV in sheer volumes of social advertising was way ahead. Aircel’s Save the Tigers, Tata Tea’s Jaago Re and other campaigns, each managed a great brand recall, but whether the campaign worked to increase sales, is still an open question. 2011 has seen a drop in such social message investments by India Inc.
Drink tea, Better Society, duh!

Perhaps inspired by Gerhart Wiebe’s question, “Why can’t you sell brotherhood and rational thinking like you sell soap?” companies throughout the 2010 year invested both in print and television to promote one or the other social message. If one were to analyse whether the trend was increasing or decreasing, no such specific movement can be seen, as the investments in social advertisement have increased for a few months and then decreased and then increased again. Still, March 2010 saw the TV medium getting the maximum social ads, while May and October 2010 evidenced the maximum print social ads.

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