Suk Ling Gun
Suk Ling Gun, Managing Director, Kaspersky Lab, South Asia
What is your opinion on how the perception of Indian IT brands has changed since the 1990s?
Indian IT Brands may not have made it to the Interbrand list of best global brands back in 1990s but they do enjoy tremendous brand recognition across the globe, they have a loyal customer base and a large share in the market. Indian IT organizations and Global IT brands here have contributed to making India an IT super-power. With the integration of the Global Brands, the Indian IT Brands have become really strong over time. They have been built on sound values, principles and ethos.

With rising commoditisation, how can brand differentiation be created?
As the marketplace is becoming more crowded, it is important to have a very clear value proposition to have a strong positioning. Identifying the uniqueness in the product (products) is the key. 

To create a positioning that cuts the growing clutter, you should come across as genuine, hardworking, clear and honest. The messaging should be a simple as can be.

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