Search engine Yahoo which has been under pressure in the last few years because of deteriorating market share is again trying a new trick to attain past glory with its “Product Runway” strategy. The latest strategy involves changes being brought about in the looks of Yahoo Mail by the company’s newly appointed Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer Blake Irving, with his stint at Yahoo being just over 100 days. The company unveiled the new look Yahoo Mail at its headquarters in Sunnyvale, California on September 16, 2010. Yahoo Mail which has a customer base of 281 million will be soon launched in its new avatar and the company believes that the new version will give its mail users a better and faster experience and that the mail service will be compatible with additional devices. We are eagerly waiting to see if this product can actually run and take on the global giant and near monopoly Google!

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बिहार के उपमुख्यमंत्री और वित्तमंत्री सुशील मोदी जीएसटी पर बनी एंपावर्ड कमेटी के नए अध्यक्ष होंगे। जीएसटी कैसे लागू हो, इस मुद्दे पर राज्यों के वित्त मंत्रियों और वित्त मंत्री प्रणव मुखर्जी के बीच हुई बैठक में ये फैसला लिया गया।

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Where desktop Linux use can be measured, it seems to have found a niche among government agencies and large corporations, which typically enforce strict controls over employee desktops. Programmers also have a natural affinity for the OS, and in many cases they use Linux desktops that have been heavily customized for software development; for example, about half of all Google employees run a custom Linux variant.

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Presently both India and China produce more than a million engineering graduate students a year in comparison to 170,000 from US and Europe. Though in the field of manufacturing quantity of brains, the Asian Giants are front-runners but about the quality they are some how failed due to some structural rigidities.

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So, given this, how do you determine the proper ranking of the world's top full-time MBA programs? You ask the folks who matter to your future career--employers, executives, investors, and journalists--what they think. And that's what we've done.

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In the United States, the Federal Reserve policies didn't help matters by keeping interest rates very low between 2002 and 2004. Again, with the intention of keeping credit flowing, the economy was heading for a meltdown.

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You see I believe that business schools are actually part of the solution, not the problem. Research will help explain and prevent future global economic meltdowns. Secondly, the need to continue and expand coverage of ethics and social responsibility of business in the curricula will be apparent. Students need to be aware of the consequences of their decisions. Having said this, the role of finance and financial tools will continue to play a major role in our curricula as well, as it should.

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Graduates of our program can find careers in a variety of medical settings from hospitals and clinics to working with medical specialists. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts this career to grow 34% in the next 8 years which creates a demand for competent, qualified medical assistants. If medical assisting interests you,

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It could be anybody's guess that Government is now taking action against the corrupt IAS officers due to the movement of Anna Hazare or not, but those who love to accept bribe would face the music.


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