Time to build brand Rahul Gandhi now

Congress, because of its bad handling of massive scams and its arrogant behaviour towards the Lokpal Bill, has very little credibility left with the people. The only hope left for the Congress now is Rahul Gandhi. To revive its image, it needs to build brand Rahul. And to build that, they need to stop giving him written scripts to read and rather let him write his own speech – a speech that comes from his conscience, and is both sincere and well meaning. Rahul is an intelligent, well read personality who knows the difference between right and wrong, and it is well known that whenever he spoke from his heart, he gained tremendous accolades and popularity. For him to become a brand and connect with the public, he needs to be allowed to speak freely and not be given any manufactured speeches.

The key now for any advertisement to work for Congress is to not sound like an advertisement. Their advertising should aim for the grassroots level and should both be accessible to the public and speak the truth. In fact, their approach should be of humility and honesty, for humility is the opening line of a love affair and for Congress to have a love affair with its people, it needs to be humble with them, not arrogant.

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Source : IIPM Editorial, 2011.

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