There are Ads, and then there are those 10 that have personified the concept of how branding can be made to work for the product most efficiently and effectively. From creativity to brand recall, from concept to execution, these 10 advertisements have gotten our attention; thanks to the commitment of the teams that created them. We present you with our review of the top three Ads.

When in doubt, play dead!

Idea Cellular
Baseline: Deadly Idea Sirjee. 3G
Agency: Lowe Lintas

4Ps B&M Take: In all honesty, the ‘What an idea Sirjee’ campaign was starting to bore. But this fresh spurt of creativity from Lowe Lintas revitalizes and reinvigorates the concept again. The latest series of TVCs are crafted in heaven (no pun intended) complete with the clouds, violins, fairies and an immaculately turned out Abhishek Bachchan in white. The tweak to the creative theme – of being in heaven – is to complement various ‘’heavenly’’ apps that the Idea 3G smartphone comes pre-loaded with. There’s a lie-detector, face-scanner, mosquito-repellent, Idea TV, Karaoke, and a host of other ‘heavenly’ apps that one can supposedly tune into. Not being an Idea subscriber, one wouldn’t know how good or bad the apps are, but the ads certainly fan the curiosity element. And then there is the execution. So there’s Bachchan Jr. helping ‘departed souls’ identify newcomers into heaven (with a face scan no less); catching plumbers who claim they died doing heroic deeds (with a lie-detector app); enabling the ‘dead’ to not be bothered by mosquitoes and so on… very dark, but equally comic! Last year, Idea Cellular ran a campaign titled ‘No Idea. Get Idea.’ This one builds on it with the help of innovative product tinkering from the cellular company’s marketing team. The fact is that whether you hate the ad or love it, there’s no chance (in heaven, if you may) that you won’t recall the Idea brand when you see Abhishek Bachchan mouthing, “No Idea, get...” And that’s where this rocks!
Befriending em’ diamonds

Baseline: Now diamonds are a man’s best friend too
Agency: Lowe Lintas

4Ps B&M Take:
Being a woman isn’t easy. There are just too many stereotypes one has to deal with – especially in the ad world. That being said, for all its stereotyping of women (of their penchant for jewellery and their dependence on their men to provide for them) this ad still wows for the simply fantastic story it tells for the brand in question. Let’s face it. Buying diamonds has traditionally been perceived as a high-income purchase. But the ad hopes to demolish that as a myth. The ad opens in a luxurious Tanishq showroom with two men (obviously the husbands) worrying about how their bank accounts are going to receive a major setback once their respective wives (who are busy checking out the latest designs on display) finish with their shopping. The husbands discuss canceling vacations, selling their mobiles or even taking extra tuition to pay off for the money lost. But when the final bills are presented to the worried hubbies, they are genuinely taken aback at the low price tags. The message is clear: ‘Now Diamonds are a man’s best friend too’. The communication informs how Tanishq caters not only to the well-heeled but also the aspirational middle class looking for affordable branded jewellery. The message was crucial to kill popular perception that walking into an upmarket branded jewellery showroom such as Tanishq would burn a hole in their pockets. And delivered superbly at that.

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Source : IIPM Editorial, 2012

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