Movies Now has Created Ripples in The English Movie Channel space with its HD Offering in a Fairly Short Span of Time. Can it Sustain this Iconic Rise?

Even discounting the impact of translations, Hollywood has gained immense popularity in certain parts of India. Indeed, English movie channels have played a key role in bringing about that transformation. But unlike the upheaval that the box office typically goes through every week, the English movie channel space in India has seen fairly little flux in terms of competitive positions for quite a while.

Star Movies has been heading the genre since years; with HBO at a comfortable number 2 and Sony Pix at number 3. Expat entrant WB and the others contenders like Zee Studio, UTV World Movies and Lumiere have remained specific to their content and positioning, by not catering to the mass market. The competition has drastically increased for local broadcasters with multinationals tying up with local broadcasters to cater to niche categories, which mostly directs towards the core audience of 15-35 SEC AB M/F. Ad rates have seen a constant increase over the years, with major revenue earnings for broadcasters. 2010 has also been a virtual walkover for the English movie channel category, with Star Movies ruling the roost (refer to ‘Wars on the English front’, 4Ps Volume 5 Issue -13, July 2-15, 2010).

However, the streak recently broke in January, when the TAM research report revealed that a new entrant has suddenly topped the segment within 4 weeks of its launch and dethroned Star Movies. This challenger is Movies Now, a baby of the Times Group, which, in a short span of time, is already showing the muscle to change the game in the English movie channel genre.

Movies Now was launched in the second week of December by Times Television Networks, with the clear USP of ‘Hollywood in HD’. Sunil Lulla, MD & CEO, Times Television Network, comments, “Movies Now challenges the status quo of the category to ensure the audience the best of entertainment. With its first of a kind, state-of-the-art HD Broadcast facility. Movies Now will furnish upscale Indian audiences with clearer, crisper picture quality, superlative sound quality and a wider viewing experience.”

Movies Now is the 4th offering from the Times Group after Times Now, ET NOW, & ZOOM, which cater to multiple audiences in Australia, Maldives, Kenya, Nepal, Tanzania & Uganda, besides India. Company sources say that the average TSV on the channel is 58 minutes, while the closest competition records an average TSV of 32 minutes. The average GRP of Movies Now is 26 points, which is the highest in the category. (Source: TAM Media Research, TG: CS 15-34 AB, Period: 4 weeks average of week 52, 2010-week 03, 2011; Markets: Top 8 Metros).

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Source : IIPM Editorial, 2011.

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